Happy International Virtual Assistants Day!  

Did you know? Remote work has been around for ages! Back in the 1970s, telecommunications paved the way for employees to be able to work from home or anywhere the signal might reach. The term “virtual assistants” was coined in the early 1990s, when it referred to human assistants working remotely, outside of the office, at home, or in some other location else. Eventually, this also became the term for artificial intelligence, which provides support to humans through the computer.    

The rise of virtual assistants increased during the pandemic when everyone was socially distant, quarantined, and isolated. Given that the return-to-office setup was not possible at the time, the most practical way to get things done is to transfer operations online. Some people thrived, while others did not. There were mass layoffs here and there, but businesses have thought of ways to keep their necks above water, hence the work-from-home setup. Even after the crisis was declared over and the restrictions were lifted, the practice of hiring a virtual assistant continued. Business owners and other professionals realized that they can hire talents from abroad who can help them achieve their goals, and they are not just limited to what they can get locally. This is where Attorneys Assistant was born. Our CEO, Ethen Ostroff, used his genius to build this company to assist fellow legal professionals. It started small with only a few employees, but now we have scaled up and have over 400 virtual assistants working for us from all over the world. That shows that the best talents can be found in the unlikeliest places!     

Since we have many members who are consistently growing, we make sure that they feel valued and appreciated in more ways than one. This International Virtual Assistants Day, we have so many fun ideas to bring to life on how we celebrate our virtual assistants on their special day. Check it out; maybe you can get some pointers or two if you have a virtual assistant.     

Bonuses: Who does not love a hefty bonus? No one! You can make your virtual assistant feel appreciated by giving them bonuses for the efforts they put into the job and the businesses they bring you. This will make them happy and motivated to work for you.    

Support:  Virtual Assistants appreciate when you have their back. Providing support may just be a normal day for you, but for them, it is one way of appreciating them and standing by their side. This will make them trust you as a team player.   

Training: It is always important to upskill, despite having a stable job. Nobody knows what the future holds. Your current virtual assistant may take on more roles if they undergo more training, and that’s a win-win for both parties. Support their growth, and they will return the favor.      

Opportunities: Opening doors for your virtual assistants will not only make them better but will also get them to respond well to you. You will be able to reap the benefits when they improve. If you give them the chance to prove that they can handle bigger things and more responsibility, they will love it.    

Recognition: Who does not like to be recognized for their contribution? This may seem small to some but think about it if you are a virtual assistant and your client recognizes your importance and what you bring to the table. That will not only foster a healthy environment but also boost morale.     

Gifts: However big or small they may be, your virtual assistants will be glad to accept a token of appreciation from you. Though not always, it would be nice to give them something that would make them feel seen and heard.     

Appreciation events: Holding an event specifically to honor virtual assistants is fun. They get to be themselves and take their minds off things for a while.     

Time off: And, of course, we are saving the best for last. If you want your virtual assistant to feel great, give them some time off. Let them take a breather and enjoy some time for themselves and their families without having to worry about their job security. It does not take much to keep the burnout away!     

 These are just some examples to inspire you on how to show appreciation to your virtual assistant on their special day. We practice this here at Attorney Assistant, which is why we have a very low turnover rate and tenured employees. So go on and celebrate your virtual assistants on International Virtual Assistants Day!   


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