How Important is Networking for Lawyers

Networking for lawyers

Networking for lawyers is more than just connecting online or being acquainted in real life. It also goes beyond the collection of contacts and business cards. True networking for lawyers is when other professionals consider you a genuine friend for life and think of you first when they find a case to refer to. It could be the boost you need to skyrocket your career.

Attorney Network

At Attorney Assistant, our solid network of fellow attorneys from other law firms is our go-to contact in terms of referrals as we have a wide range of legal referral networks.

Networking Events

Events that allow our CEO, Ethen Ostroff, meet and greet other legal professionals in the practice open more doors of opportunity. These discussions can lead to a mutual understanding that can eventually turn into a collaboration, which expands his law firm networks even further.

Club Membership

It is important to keep in touch with the legal acquaintances you meet at events. But not just as professionals, but also bonding with them as fellow club members. Here, you can talk outside of business and learn more about each other. It is a great way to say that you are in a good attorney network when they offer you guidance and professional support during tough, challenging times. As they say, “A bond is stronger when forged through adversity.”

Effective Networking For Lawyers Tips

Establish networking objectives:

Before jumping into multiple networking activities, it is best to first identify your objectives. Just then, you can decide what type of connections in other legal fields you would like to add to your attorney network. 

Be genuine and approachable:

Avoid being too straightforward with the sales talk. Networking, especially legal networking, focuses more on relationship building, and like in any relationship, it takes time. It’s best if you show genuine interest in other lawyers in the field by listening to them and promoting meaningful discourse. 

Be of value to others:

The legal network is always a two-way street. Always be ready to offer a helping hand in the legal network by offering your expertise, referring them, or introducing them to other legal professionals in the law firm network. 

Participate in Relevant Legal Events:

Events regarding your practice area can let you meet like-minded lawyers and create valuable connections. Choose specialized networking events and/or conferences that are relevant to your practice. 

Follow up:

Be sure to remind contacts of who you are and where you met. A personalized message would go a long way. Continue to be friends and invite them for a cup of coffee sometimes. 

Join legal networks:

Find groups that often host events or offer online platforms for networking in your field. Join legal organizations, committees, and communities that are relevant to your interests and practice. 

Utilize social media:

Expand your professional network using platforms like LinkedIn. Be active and engaging by sharing your legal information and participating in discussions in relevant groups in the legal network. 

Organize events or webinars:

Host onsite and online events and invite other relevant professionals in your law firm network. This puts you in a position of authority in your niche that can attract clients and other lawyers who would value your insights. 

Building and nurturing a strong legal network won’t happen overnight. It will never stop until you do. It is an ongoing process, so persistence and patience are important aspects to consider. Always remember that the connections you make today can bring you benefits in the future that may make or break your business.


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